Hydraulic Oil HLP 220

This mineral multi-functional hydraulic oil has a very broad application scope, and is suitable for use in a wide range of hydraulic and industrial equipment. The blend additive package in this MPM hydraulic oil aids in reducing corrosion, foaming and ensures wear is kept to a minimum.

Please note that this product is end-of-life. The product is no longer sold and can be replaced by one of our other products. To find the best suited products for your vehicle, please use our online product recommendation or contact MPM Oil.

According to the specifications of

  • DIN 51524 Part 2 HLP

Packaging units

20 L
per unit 1
per pallet 30
EAN code 8714293134145
Art.nr. 33060H
Volume 60 L
per unit 1
per pallet 6
EAN code 8714293134176
Art.nr. 33205H
Volume 205 L
per unit 1
per pallet 2
EAN code 8714293134206
Art.nr. 33999H
Volume 1,000 L
per unit 1
per pallet -
EAN code 8714293233022
Art.nr. Volume per unit per pallet EAN code
33020H 20 L 1 30 8714293134145
33060H 60 L 1 6 8714293134176
33205H 205 L 1 2 8714293134206
33999H 1,000 L 1 - 8714293233022